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On behalf of the International Color Association, the AIC 2019 Organizing and Scientific Committees, invite you to participate and submit abstracts related to the theme of the meeting: “Color and Landscape”. The theme covers different aspects of the landscape, including its visions, constructions, and configurations. The concept of landscape has a double existence: the observer and what is observed.
It can be thought of as having natural and social configurations; a product of actions and interactions of nature and humans; a perception by a social group and individuals.
 The landscape has an objective and subjective character; it is a social and cultural construction, a visual reality and a mental image, a transformation from the idea of terrestrial surface to that of identity in a society. Color and landscape can be described, written, perceived, drawn, painted, remembered, lived, walked, traveled, thought of, colored, represented, prefigured, created, designed, inhabited, symbolized, transformed . . . from literary, physical, pictorial, cultural, patrimonial, archaeological, anthropological, psychological, historical, philosophical, aesthetic, sociological, geographical, topographic, or epistemological points of view, among others.

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